Historic Emmitsburg MD11

Citizen's Advisory Committee



 Name  Term Expires
Commissioner Liz Buckman Council Liaison
Mark Walker October 20, 2020
Jennifer Joy November 7, 2020 
Tricia Sheppard July 15, 2019
Will Sheppard July 15, 2019
Conrad Weaver November 4, 2019
Wendy Walsh February 2, 2020
Brian McKenney September 4, 2020
Melissa McKenney September 4, 2020 
Wayne Slaughter October 15, 2020



1 Board of Commissioner Representative
10 Members
1 Member may reside outside Town limits
2-year term

The purpose of this committee is to research and propose general recommendations, rules and policies related to quality of life issues in the town of Emmitsburg.

Regular meetings shall be held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October.