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Town Offices Closed to the Public, Phase 1 Water Curtailment in Effect

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Message From Mayor Don Briggs

Monday March 23, 2020

In these trying times,from myself, the town commissioners and staff, we hope all is well or as well as can be expected. We are all in this together and together we will push and pull together to get through it. In our community there are those in need of our assistance so let's do it. If you need my assistance call me, (240) 877 4664.

Over a month ago in our town social media and later at our March 2nd a town regularly scheduled meeting, we expressed our deep concern about the serious nature of this virus. We had no idea or defined plan for what the impact of what was coming our way. I know by our nature, we all were reluctant to accept the seriousness of pandemic. But it is here and more than just a serious concern. Our message seemed at first to be awkward or counter intuitive, but it is to remain calm and let's work from where we are and to where we need to go.

We have a small town staff that provides essential daily services for the community. Normal staffing exposed them and the community to a horrible disruption of services. We have set up a rotation of staff and reduced office hours. This is a strain on the staff, and the community, but we still are available to serve you. Please contact us by email or phone.

Today Governor Hogan issued a new emergency order "directing all non- essential businesses" to close to the general public as of 5:00 p.m. everyday effective as of March 2 3rd, 2020". To our businesses it is hard to absorb that you "as non-essential" because you essential to our community. We can help one sector, our restaurants, by continuing to use them for carry outs, It is a good time to maybe buy a gift certificate.

Over the next days and weeks I will be giving you updates. We are committed to no any disruption of Town services. Stay with us for we will be there for you.

Again, I ask you to extend a hand to anyone in need whether it be the elderly, the in firmed, a single parent or your wonderful your neighbor.

Peace be with you and take care.