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Town Offices Closed to the Public

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Message from Mayor Briggs

Now in the second week of this thing, the COVID 19 pandemic, I offer the community activities updates.

Its Thursday and Commissioner Frank Davis has just finished a large pot
of soup up at Vigilant Hose Company on the square. Soup will be
available for weekend needs. Pick up on Friday, 10 AM to 12 Noon. 

Completed my first Tele-med appointment with my cardiologist yesterday.
It was a face time. Something more elaborate was tried but still has
some kinks. Took five minutes. Its very easy so check with your Dr.

The town concern is not only for now, but also for the long term needs
of the community. We feel we have established a long term back-up supply
chain for food needs of the town, if it gets to that. This is one of
the first things we did. Amen.
The town is constantly in contact
with the owner of Jubilee. Our question most every day, “Is there is
anything we can do to accommodate their service to our community?” Thank
them as much as you can.
With regard to essential town services, we
have moved from reacting to action. But like the US Rangers jumping out
of the plane with a plan, when they hit the ground they need a new
plan. What we do changes every day. Staff is working on a reduced
rotating basis to protect their health and to assure continued services.
Some are working remotely and one is in a susceptible age group and is
sequestered at home.
Pick-up meals and/or personal hygiene items
are available Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 12 Noon at Vigilant Hose
Company on West Main Street. Thank you to Frank Davis and the Vigilant
Hose Company for again answering the bell and providing this service to
our community.
Please continue to offer thanks to all who are
providing goods and services to our community; restaurants, Doctors,
nurses, first responders and our deputies.  
I try to talk with the
Seton Center, the Seton Shrine, the Mount, our physicians, and with
businesses every day to again assure that we are there to do anything we
feasibly can for them.
I saw former Commissioner, Dianne Walbrecker
walking along West Lincoln on one of her weekly trash pick-ups. It’s a
weekly service to our community. Thank you.
Thank you to Commissioner Frank for all your toilet paper deliveries.
From Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Please unload the best, we want it.
Mayor Don