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New Algae Control System on Rainbow Lake

On April 11, 2017 the Town of Emmitsburg and Kershner Environmental Technologies installed an LG Sonic Algae and Biofilm Control system on Rainbow Lake. Rainbow Lake supplies drinking water for the Town. The new algae control system will help eliminate algae, which has been a significant problem for the Town. The algae clogs the water system and filters.  To clean the algae out of the water, the town has to use excess water and chemical such as chlorine, coagulant, soda ash, and green clean pro.

The new algae control system is powered by solar energy and will use low non-toxic frequencies to collapse gas vesicles in the algae cell, thus significantly reducing algae in the lake. The Town estimates water savings of 642,250 gallons a month and cost savings totaling about $19,385 a year from the reduction of chemicals.