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Last call to be heard: Water Line Warranty Program

LAST CALL: The Board will be voting on the National League of Cities (NC) Service Line Warranty Program at the Tuesday December 5th Town Meeting at 7:30 P.M. Whether you are for or against the program, this will be your last chance to voice your opinion.  You can also email your commissioners:   

The opportunity of a service line warranty program through the National League of Cities (NLC) is up for vote.

Currently Emmitsburg homeowners are responsible for water line repairs from the curb box to the building, and sewer repairs from the property to the building (Policy 17-03). The NLC Service Line Warranty Program gives residents who have not set aside money to pay for utility line repairs the opportunity to obtain a low cost warranty that will provide repairs on leaking, clogged or broken water and sewer lines for a low monthly fee, with no deductibles or service fees. The work is performed by licensed, local plumbers who will call the customer within one hour of filing a claim. The repair is performed typically within 24 hours. For more information, we encourage residents to attend the public hearing in the Town Office.