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Rocket Club Event Sunday 9/25/2016

Spread the word!  The 3rd Rocket Club event is scheduled on September 25th from 2pm - 5pm.
Community Park.

This event was postponed due to lack of RSVP.  Please email the deputies to register!

See some pictures from last month!

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The Rocket Club is a free event sponsored by the Emmitsburg Deputies in honor of Officer Jim Moxley III.  

The is a free event that is geared towards children from 8-12 years old, but all are welcome.  

The Deputy Jim Moxley Memorial Rocket Club is an opportunity for children in the Emmitsburg area to build a model rocket with the resident deputies of Emmitsburg.  All materials are supplied by the Emmitsburg Deputies.  Children attending will build and design a model rocket which will be launched at the end of the event.  Parents are encouraged to stay and assist their child with the project, however this is not mandatory.  

This is a great opportunity for children in the community to meet local law enforcement in a positive environment.  If there are any further questions or if you plan on attending, please contact the deputies at