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Public Notice: proposed Ordinance 19-07, which would amend Title 16, Chapter 16.48 – Forest Conservation and Ordinance 19-08

Notice is hereby given that the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 6, 2020 at the Town Office located at 300A. S. Seton Ave., Emmitsburg, MD 21727.  The purpose of the hearing is to take public comment on proposed Ordinance 19-07, which would amend Title 16, Chapter 16.48 – Forest Conservation and proposed Ordinance 19-08, which would amend Title 17, Section 17.20.090 – Commercial District Buffer.  Please contact the Town Office at 301-600-6300 for more information.   


  • Forest Conservation – The Town’s Forest Conservation program, Town Code Chapter 16.48, was created in 1993.  Small amendments to this chapter were approved in 2002 (Ordinance 02-03) and 2014 (14-03).  Periodically the General Assembly of Maryland, with guidance from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Forest Service, amends the state’s Forest Conservation Act (Act).  The Town is required to update the Town’s Forest Conservation chapter each time the General Assembly amends the Act.  If passed, the proposed amendment would bring the Town into compliance with the current version of the Act. 
  • Commercial District Buffer:  Town Code §17.20.090 was approved in 2015 (Ordinance 15-02) in order to limit potential noise and light pollution from businesses in the commercial zoning districts (Neighborhood Commercial B-1 & General Commercial B-2) onto neighboring residential districts.  If passed, the proposed amendment would allow the Planning Commission to waive the commercial district buffer requirements during the site plan process if the Planning Commission determines that the proposed use of the commercial property would not cause detriment to the neighboring residential properties.  This exemption could only apply to the B-1 Zone. 

The Town Code of Ordinances is accessible online via Municode at

The public hearing will occur during the January 6, 2019 Town meeting. 
Staff will be presenting the proposed ordinances to the Planning Commission at the December 17, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting for their review and recommendation.