Parks & Recreation

The recreational need of Emmitsburg are met through the following parks and trails combined with additional parks found within residential subdivisions.

Emmitsburg Community Center:
This facility is owned by Frederick County and includes an indoor gymnasium which provides recreational use for various non-profit recreational entities.  The building also contains the Emmitsburg Town Office, Frederick County Library, Head Start, Senior Center, and other county programs, e.g. health-related. 

Emmit Gardens Area:
This town-owned land is located in the Emmit Gardens residential subdivision, and is slated for future development consideration after construction of the new Town water treatment facility (design complete) on the same parcel.

Silo Hill:
This one acre-park contains playground equipment, which was enhanced in 2014. It is located in the Silo Hill residential subdivision. Additional town-owned land located in between the houses and Flat Run is suitable for passive recreation only due to slopes and other site characteristics.

This private, one-acre park contains playground equipment. It is located near the entrance to the Northgate residential subdivision, and is maintained by the Homeowners Association.