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Community Legacy Grants

Community Legacy Program

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The Community Legacy program is a partnership between the town and the Maryland Dept. of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). It provides 50% matching grants for exterior facade and other improvements, and the property owner pays the other 50%. The Town supplies the administrative part of the program. The maximum grant is $12,500 per property, per State fiscal year.

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In order to apply, the property has to be located within a designated Sustainable area
 -- primarily the National Register Historic District. The Town has received $50,000 in grant money each year since FY2013.  For FY2020 we will receive $55,000.


  1. Determine if your property is eligible for the program.  Sustainable Community Map.
  2. An owner who is interested in applying for the program should contact the
    Town Planner at 301-600-6309 or zgulden@emmitsburgmd.gov to make sure their property and their project qualifies.  Applications can be downloaded here or picked up at the Town office.
  3. A local Sustainable Community Work Group reviews the applications received
    and forwards them to the Maryland Historical Trust for review. The MHT review
    determines whether the property is a "contributing structure" to the historic
    district, and whether the proposed project complies with Federal standards for
    materials and work on such structures.
  4. Once approved, the Town and property sign an agreement -- with a time frame
    for completion -- and the work can commence.
  5. When the work is completed, the owner pays the total amount to the contractor
    and provides proof to the Town that the contractor has been paid.
  6. The Town submits a reimbursement request to DHCD for the 50% grant money,
    and provides a check to the property owner once the reimbursement is

**This process takes a few months, but the results have been very positive for both the property owners and the Town in general.