Emmitsburg East Industrial Park II
Town’s Planning Commission approved the EEIP II preliminary plat for a three-year period on May 29, 2018.  The applicant is now proposing the following modifications to the previously approved plat: 
1) decrease the size of Lot 3 from 3.0 acres to 2.9 acres;
2) decrease the size of Lot 4 from 3.0 acres to 2.9 acres;
3) decrease the size of Lot 5 from 5.5 acres to 5.1 acres;
4) decrease the size of Lot 6 from 5.3 acres to 4.8 acres
5) decrease the size of Lot 7 from 4.0 acres to 3.7 acres; and
6) increase the size of Lot 8 from 3.6 acres to 4.4 acres. 

Preliminary Subdivision Plat (signed)
Forest Stand Delineation Preliminary Plan (signed)
Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan (signed)

On April 19, 2021, the Mayor and Board of Commissioners approved the location of the required sewage pump station to be located on the Town’s waste water treatment plant property, take over ownership of the pump station once accepted by the Maryland Department of the Environment & Town, and provide electric to the pump station.

Federal Stone Industries Sketch Plan (07/02/2020)

Federal Stone Industries is planning to relocate their facilities to Lot 8 in the Emmitsburg East Industrial Park II.

The proposed project consists of constructing a 58,900 sq. ft. warehouse, two story 5,200 sq. ft. office building, 76 parking spaces, 4 loading spaces, stormwater management facility, and the remainder of Creamery Court.  Manufacturing of swimming pool coping and distributing pool products are proposed on the property.

Irishtown Road Improvement Plat  (Rev 03/24/2021)

10/01/2021: The contractor is currently installing new sewer pipes and manholes. Construction scheduled to be completed on October 31st. The road should open up November 1st. Everything weather pending. Nineteen new homes will be able to be built along the newly improved road.

The Brookfield improvement plat was approved by the Town on July 12, 1995.  The subdivision and improvements were approved to be developed in four phases (see below phasing plan map):

  • Phase I – Lots 33-43, 63-68, 108-115, & 117-145
  • Phase II – Lots 20-32, 44-62, & 69-78
  • Phase III – Lots 79-107 & 116
  • Phase IV – Lots 1-19

Phase I & Phase II are completed.  Phase III has 2 undeveloped lots.  Phase IV has 19 undeveloped lots.  The Town deferred the mandatory Irishtown Road improvements until such time as the property owner was ready to develop Phase IV.  The proposed project consists of installing the following Irishtown Road improvements in order to start developing Phase IV lots:

  • Widen Irishtown Road & install driveway aprons;
  • Concrete curbs, gutters, & sidewalks;
  • Street lights;
  • Connect Heatherwind Drive to Irishtown Road;
  • Finalize connection of Brookfield Drive to Irishtown Road;
  • Road striping & signage;
  • Extend 8” sewer line;
  • Extend 10” water line; and
  • Extend stormwater management infrastructure. 

Ripleigh's Creamery
The proposed project consists of the renovation of a 3,546 sq. ft. existing building into a bakery and creamery.  Renovation items include a wraparound porch, retail space, seating, and production area. 

Rutter's Store 084 - Emmitsburg, MD
10/01/2021: Rutter's store has held a ground breaking ceremony and the work is scheduled to begin in October 2021.

The proposed project consists of creating an 8,380 square foot Rutter’s convenience store.  The proposed facility will include seven (7) gasoline fuel islands and five (5) diesel fuel bays along with a truck scale, twenty-eight (28) short-term tractor-trailer parking spaces and fifty-nine (59) passenger vehicle parking spaces.  Full buildout of Rutter’s is expected by 2022.  A sanitary sewer pump station will be built and paid for by the applicant.  It will ultimately serve up to 386 single-family homes, 50 acres of commercial development, including retail, restaurants, and one convenience store.  The pump station will be turned over to the Town for operation and maintenance.
Rutter's Forest Conservation Plan (pdf)
Rutter's Site Plan (pdf)
Improvement Plan (pdf)
Rutter's Addition Plat (pdf)

Sidewalk ADA Ramp Improvement Plat

Title II of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires local governments make their facilities, streets, and sidewalks accessible to people with disabilities, so they may travel throughout the municipality in a safe and convenient manner.  Currently, the Town of Emmitsburg (Town) is out of compliance with these regulations.  Curbs and associated sidewalks in 130 areas throughout the Town are old, cracking, too steep, and not ADA compliant, which create unsafe conditions for all citizens and visitors, but especially the elderly, disabled, wheelchair bound, and sight and hearing impaired.  The project consists of improving these sidewalk curb ramps in order to become ADA compliant.  The project is grant funded by a $685,893.00 Community Development Block Grant, $1,800.00in HOA donations, $10,000 from the Town, and $10,000 in-kind from the Town.

Town of Emmitsburg Creamery Road Pump Station
The proposed project consists of the replacement of the existing sewage pumping station at 17700 Creamery Road.

Improvement Plat - Creamery Road Pump Station
Addition Plat - Creamery Road Pump Station

Village Liquors & Plaza Inn
10/01/2021: At their meeting on September 27th, the planning commission approved the site and improvement plans. The developer still needs to obtain Town permits and County environmental compliance permits. Construction is estimated to begin in 2022.

The proposed project consists of creating a 6,300 sq. ft. liquor store on the first floor and 20-unit hotel on the second and third floors.  The proposed facility will include 39 parking spaces. 
Final Subdivision Plat (11/09/2021)
Forest Stand Delineation & Forest Conservation Plans
Site Plan - Village Liquors & Plaza Inn
Improvement Plat - Village Liquors & Plaza Inn (08/31/2021)