Planning And Zoning

Office of Planning & Zoning

The Office of Planning & Zoning oversees the application and enforcement of the Emmitsburg Municipal Code as well as serving as a liaison on a number of community related activities. The Office of Planning & Zoning is also primarily responsible for:

  • issuance of zoning certificates
  • codes enforcement
  • development plans review
  • long range planning and zoning studies
  • attending meetings, providing support, and making recommendations to the Mayor & Board of Commissioners, the Emmitsburg Planning Commission and the Emmitsburg Board of Appeals
  • drafting legislation on planning & zoning matters
  • serve as a liaison with Frederick County on planning and zoning related matters
  • serve as community liaison on special events planning and economic & business development

Zach Gulden, MPA
Town Planner

Permit assistance is available:
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday by appointment only.
To schedule an appointment, contact Zach Gulden 301-600-6309 (
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Zoning Ordinances
The Town of Emmitsburg Zoning Ordinance governs the type of use allowed as well as the dimensional limits or requirements for a project. To ensure that your project complies with the town's zoning ordinance, we require an opportunity to review your proposed project. We can also ensure that there would be no impacts on town easements, sewer lines, waterlines, etc. After this review, a permit or zoning certificate is issued, if approved.

Zoning Map

The Emmitsburg Town Zoning Certificate Permitting Process
Zoning Permit Application

All applicable projects within the town limits must go through the following process.

  1. Submit application for a Zoning Permit.
  2. Town review and approval. This must be completed before any necessary applications are made for Frederick County permits.
  3. Frederick County Permit Process-if required
  4. Frederick County Use & Occupancy approval
  5. Town Use & Occupancy approval, after inspection

Frederick County Permits
For information about the Frederick County Permit process go to

Other permit applications - such as Grease Trap, Sidewalk Commercial, Infrastructure, Street Cutting, and Sewer Connection - are available at the Town Office.

There various local, state and federal incentives for starting new businesses in the Town of Emmitsburg.  Click for details!