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Commissioner  Joseph Ritz III (Board Liaison)
Members of the Planning Commission

Mark Long, Chairperson
term expires August 5, 2022 

Joyce Rosensteel, Vice-Chairperson
term expires January 18, 2022

Glenn Blanchard, Secretary
term expires March 1, 2026

Dr. Bernard Franklin
term expires July 2, 2022

    Alternate: Kevin Hagan
    term expires June 7, 2026
  • 1 Board of Commissioner liaison
  • 4 Members
  • 1 Alternate Member
  • All members must reside w/in Town limits
  • Appointed by Mayor w/consent of Commissioners
  • 5 year terms. Mid term appointments run until expiration date of term being filled.
  • Organize in January, electing a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary.
The Planning Commission shall hold meetings in January and as the Planning Commission’s duties require. If there is business before the Planning Commission, meetings shall be held monthly until such business has been completed.