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Public Works

The public works department consists of the following public services: water and sewer, streets, lights, maintenance to all parks and recreation facilities, snow removal, as well as operating the yard waste and recycling site.  

Director of Public Works
James Click


WATER AND SEWER                                                         PUBLIC WORKS/MAINTENANCE

  Dan Fissel                                                                    Steve Fissel
  Water/Sewer Superintendent                                     Maintenance     

           dan fissel STEVE FISSEL

                                                                                             Dave Wantz
   Sewer/Water Skilled Laborer                                   Public Works


                                                                    dave wantz


   Wayne Sharrer                                                           Chris Wantz
   Sewer/Water Operator                                            Public Works

Wayne sharrerChris Wantz

   Jacob Fisher
   Water/Sewer Operator       
Jacob Fisher