Sewer Relining Project Scheduled for Monday 02/17/2020 – Friday 02/21/2020
Irishtown Road: Sewer line from North Alley behind the legion to Creekside apartments
Chesapeake Ave: Sewer line from S. Seton Avenue to Creamery Road (along the creek)

 7:00 AM until approximately 3:00 PM please refrain from running water, including flushing toilets.
For affected addresses, a flyer will be placed on the door the day prior to work being done along the portion of sewer line where your property is connected.    

***Update 02/19/20 10:30am: 

  • Affected addresses today 02/19/20 - 200 block of N. Seton Ave: (201, 205, 209, 207, 211, 215, 221, 225, 231, 239).
  • Thursday 02/20/20 affected addresses are 100 block of N. Seton Ave: 111, 115, 119, 121, 125, 147, 147A, 147B, 1 Irishtown Road, American Legion & Elias Lutheran Church.
 Irishtown Road
Sewer line from North Alley behind the legion to Creekside apartments

Affected Addresses:

  • 100 block of N. Seton Ave: 111, 115, 119, 121, 125, 147A, 147B
  • 200 block of N. Seton Ave: 201, 205, 209, 207, 211, 215, 221, 225, 231, 239
  • 1 Irishtown Road
  • American Legion
  • Elias Lutheran Church

Chesapeake Ave
Sewer line runs along the creek from S. Seton Ave to Creamery Road
Affected Addresses:

  • 303 S. Seton Ave.
  • Memorial park restrooms and concession stand
  • Note: Mother Seton School complex, Provincial House and FEMA should not be affected as there will be a pump around in place).

The schedule below has been provided by the contractor.  The schedule could change with minimal notice.  The Town will make every effort to keep residents informed during the process.  Traffic should not be affected, just be mindful of work being done in those areas.  Please contact the Town office with questions or problems 301-600-6300 or 


MONDAY 2/17/20 – Chesapeake Avenue
TUESDAY 2/18/20 – Chesapeake Avenue 
WEDNESDAY 2/19/20 – Irishtown Road
THURSDAY 2/20/20 – Irishtown Road

Cloth rags, towels, baby wipes or wipes of any kind (even if the container indicates “flushable”) should NOT be flushed down the public sewer system. The Town has been experiencing an alarming number of clogs at the sewer pump station because these items do not biodegrade. The estimated cost to repair the damaged equipment from these items is $30,000. Anyone caught flushing these items will be fined $100 per violation (per 13.08.080 & 13.08.180 of the Emmitsburg Municipal Code).


In addition to public sewer system damage, these items also harm septic tanks and private sewer lines. This photo shows a clog that occurred here in Emmitsburg (notice all the wipes). Keep this from happening to your home and the public sewer system - PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH WIPES AND RAGS!


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