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Parking Meter Fees
(9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday)
10 cents - 24 minutes
25 cents - 1 hour

Paying Parking Citations:

  • In Person at the Town Office.  Credit cards accepted ($5 fee). 
  • By Mail: The Town office address is on the reverse side of the ticket. 
  • Mail Slot:  Drop your payment in the mail slot at 22 East Main Street.
  • Drop Box: Black drop box at 300A S. Seton Avenue (rear entrance).
  • By phone via credit card ($5 fee).

 **Drop box or mail slot payments must be received by 2pm for same business day processing.

Lost your parking ticket?

Contact Kadeem at 301-600-6303.  Be sure to have your license plate number and call back number available. 

Parking Passes:
Available for purchase at the Town Office for $115.00 for six months or $60.00 for three months. This enables the pass holder to park at any meter without the inconvenience of putting coin in the meter.

Parking Signs:
Available for placement on the parking meters. Signs are used for reserving spaces in the event of residents moving, home repairs, etc. Signs are $5.00 per day per meter. There is a three sign limit. Signs must be applied for in advance of placement.

Parking is free on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the Day after, as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Seasonal parking at the pool:
Parking is permitted to all at the pool parking lot except May 15 - September 15.  During that time, the parking lot is for pool patrons only.

Parking during snow emergency plan

10.16.020 - Installation and function of meters.
The parking meters installed in the parking meter zones established as provided in Section 10.16.140 of this Code, shall be placed upon the curb immediately adjacent to the individual parking places. Each parking meter shall be placed or set in such manner as to show or display by a signal that the parking space adjacent to such meter is or is not legally in use. Each parking meter installed shall indicate by a proper legend the legal parking time established by the town, and when operated shall indicate on and by its dial and pointer the duration of the period of legal parking, and on the expiration of such period shall indicate illegal or overtime parking.

10.16.030 - Designation of parking spaces—Parking within lines required. The mayor shall have lines or markings painting or placed upon the curb or upon the street adjacent to each parking meter for the purpose of designating the parking space for which such meter is to be used and each vehicle parked adjacent or next to any parking meter shall park within the lines or markings so established. It is unlawful to park any vehicle across any such line or marking or to park such vehicle in such position that the same shall not be entirely within the area so designated by such lines or markings.

10.16.040 - Parallel and diagonal zones.
When a parking space within any parking meter zone is parallel with the adjacent curb or sidewalk, any vehicle parked in such parking space shall be parked so that the foremost part of such vehicle shall be nearest to the parking meter. When a parking space in any parking meter zone is diagonal to the curb or sidewalk, any vehicle parked in such parking space shall be parked with the foremost part of such vehicle nearest to such meter.

10.16.060 - Overtime parking.
It is unlawful to allow or permit any vehicle to be parked overtime in any parking meter zone, by the owner in whose name it is registered or by the operator thereof, or by any other person.

10.16.070 - Parking adjacent to meter displaying expired time signal.
It is unlawful to permit any vehicle to remain in any parking space while the meter therein is displaying a signal indicating that the vehicle therein has been parked beyond the period of time paid for by the operator.

10.16.080 - Tampering, etc., with meters prohibited.
It is unlawful for any person to deface, injure, tamper with, open or wilfully break, destroy or impair the usefulness of any parking meter installed under the provisions of this chapter.

10.16.090 - Use of slugs, etc.
It is unlawful to deposit or cause to be deposited in any parking meter, any slug, device or metallic substance, or any other substitute for a coin of the United States.

10.16.100 - Use of zones by commercial vehicles.
Delivery trucks or commercial vehicles may park in the parking zones when vacant to load or unload merchandise, without depositing coins for a period not exceeding fifteen (15) minutes.

10.16.140 - Designation of zones.
Parking meter zones are established on the following streets: Center Square, East and West Main Street (both sides) between Broad Alley or Federal Avenue and on the east to Welty's Store on the west.

10.16.150 - Violations—Penalties.
A. Violation of any of the sections enumerated in subsection (B) of this section shall be a municipal infraction.

B. The following fines shall be assessed against the operators and/or owners of automobiles who violate certain provisions of this chapter as follows:

1. Failure to park between lines in violation of Section 10.16.030: ten dollars ($10.00); every twenty-four (24) hours in violation of this section counts as a separate offense and may be fined accordingly;

2. Overtime parking in violation of Section 10.16.090: according to the parking citation policy; every two hours in violation of this section counts as a separate offense and may be fined accordingly.

C. In the event that any fines set forth in subsection (B) of this section shall not be paid within twenty (20) days from the date a citation is issued, the amount of the fine shall be increased to the following amount:

1. Failure to park between lines in violation of Section 10.16.030: according to the parking citation policy;

2. Overtime parking in violation of Section 10.16.030: according to the parking citation policy.